A Citizen Legislature

Our representatives in government should reflect the backgrounds and values of those that elect them, not the political class. I am not a career politician; I am an Air Force Veteran and small business owner – I know what it is like to make ends meet and live within our means.


I'm proud to be endorsed by Missouri Right to Life for my unwavering commitment to life. I became unequivocally pro-life the day Amanda told me she was pregnant with our first child. That was the day I started acting like a parent. On issues of life, I have a very simple vision of our future—I will do everything I can to ensure there are less abortions happening tomorrow than there are today.


Law enforcement should be supported for the sacrifices they make to keep us safe. I support law enforcement’s efforts to keep peace in our communities and support efforts to involve the public in doing the same.


Politicians are not responsible for economic growth, entrepreneurs are. Government can help the economy by staying out of the way. I support Right to Work and other efforts to provide more freedoms to businesses and employees to prosper.


Our schools are strongest when governed by local school boards making decisions for local kids. I oppose efforts at the state level that take away local control. I support efforts to improve education at all levels, including technical schools, to ensure Missouri has a skilled workforce for generations to come. I am 100% opposed to common core.


My campaign is backed by my friends, my family and myself. I am not beholden to special interests. I will not accept gifts from lobbyists and special interests as an elected official, either.


I am a lifelong hunter and my wife and I have concealed-carry permits. I support the Second Amendment.


For my family and our small business to comply with the mandates of Obamacare meant an increase of premium of almost 70% in one year. I know we are not alone. I oppose Obamacare and its implementation at the state level.

Role of Government

All legislation should be considered with a focus on whether or not it is appropriate for government involvement, the costs involved and whether or not it is good for the family. I support efforts to make government smaller and more nimble.


I have signed the Americans for Tax Reform pledge to oppose any and all tax increases in our state. This includes asking voters at the local and state level to raise taxes as well.

Tort Reform

Our judicial system is not the lottery. Businesses, doctors and individuals should not live in fear of slip-and-fall attorneys and ambulance-chasers that often fund the political coffers of career politicians. I will not be beholden to this or any other special interests.


Taxes and fees established for transportation should go to our roads, not special projects for bike paths to nowhere and other costs that do not help people and goods move safely through our state. I do not support a tax increase to meet these needs.