Bill Eigel is a veteran, small business owner and a conservative. He and his wife, Amanda, have long ties to St. Charles County.

The Eigels own St. Louis Skylights, one of the fastest growing skylight installation companies in America. The couple purchased the company only a few years after leaving the United States Air Force as Aircraft Maintenance Officers at Whiteman Air Force Base. The couple returned to St. Charles County to raise their children closer to their family and to be a part of the local community.

As St. Louis Skylights grew and new branch offices opened, Bill Eigel worked to grow the company by recruiting recently retired Air Force veterans that he served with at Whiteman. In addition to St. Louis Skylights, Eigel also owns National Sky Light Solutions, the parent company of their St. Louis location as well as branches in Chicago.

Eigel served more than seven years in the Air Force in the United States and overseas and and he volunteers as a driver for the Missouri Veterans Retirement Home in North St. Louis County. The Eigels are active in the St. Joseph Catholic Church and their children attend St. Joseph School.