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I Join with BILL EIGEL in Support of Banning Foreign Countries From Buying Missouri Land 

Sign the Petition for a Special Session of the Legislature to Protect Missouri Farmland from Being Sold Overseas

Missouri should be owned by Missourians.

It should at least be owned by Americans.

There are many in our world that do not have our best interests in mind—looking at you, CHINA! 

I am the ONLY candidate for Governor that is calling for a Special Session of the Legislature to ban foreign entities from owning Missouri land. 

This would include ALL types of land–residential, commercial and most especially farmland.

The ban would include all countries–of course China and Russia but ALL countries should be banned from buying our state.

Even now, thousands of acres of Missouri farmland are owned by China and other foreign actors. 

That is unacceptable. 

Several global entities, like the World Economic Forum, are intent on harming Missouri’s top industry—farming—by using the false flag of “climate change” to justify the destruction of Missouri farms.  This is precisely what happened in the Netherlands, formerly Europe’s top producing farming nation, and is even now happening in other western countries.

In Jefferson City, we are called by the People of the Show-Me state to be protectors of our culture, community, and most importantly, our RIGHTS.

I am opposed in this effort to protect Missouri ground by senior statewide officials.

Lt Governor Mike Kehoe voted in 2013 to allow up to 270,000 acres of Missouri farmland to be sold overseas, which facilitated the sale of 42,000 acres of Missouri ground to China in northwest Missouri.

Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft opposes a full ban on foreign ownership of Missouri ground.  He helped stop recent legislative action in the Missouri Senate, in particular House Bill 903, from becoming law. House Bill 903 would have banned all foreign entities from owning Missouri farmland.  Secretary Ashcroft opposes a full ban on foreign ownership, and said publicly that “there are certain foreign countries that we want to be able to sell our land to.”

These politicians have allowed the Swamp in Jefferson City to prevent us from protecting our farmers and our livelihoods from foreign predators.

No more excuses.

We call on Governor Parson to immediately call a Special Session of the Legislature to PROTECT MISSOURI FARMLAND and ban foreign land sales.

This is an easy first step to keeping the hands of those hostile to Missouri values off the backs of our farmers and out of communities from rural to urban.

I need your help!  Sign up today here at to stay engaged and be a part of my effort for the 2024 Gubernatorial election in Missouri!

Let’s Go Missouri!!

I Support Senate Bill 9, Keeping Missouri Land in American Hands. 

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Stand with Bill Eigel in the fight for Missouri’s Future.