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Ashcroft and Kehoe refuse to stand up for conservative Missourians, see proof below:
Bill Eigel was the first [1] candidate for Missouri governor to endorse Donald Trump for president and has been a staunch supporter of his candidacy and presidency from day one.

Bill Eigel is the only U.S. military veteran running for governor [2].

Bill Eigel owned St. Louis Skylights before becoming a state senator [3]. Mike Kehoe owned Osage Ambulances before becoming a state senator, however Kehoe was investigated in 2020 by the FBI after threats were made involving a contract with his former company.
Bill Eigel is the only candidate with an actual plan to repel the invasion at our southern border [4].
Bill Eigel is the only candidate with an actual plan to completely repeal personal property taxes [5].

Bill Eigel sponsored legislation to ban all foreign owned land in Missouri [6] while Jay Ashcroft testified in favor of selling 135,000 acres to foreign countries in 2022 [7]. Mike Kehoe voted on a 2013 bill which opened the door for 270,000 acres of Missouri farmland to be owned by foreign entities [8].

Bill Eigel has a pro life record that dates back to his first term in office starting in 2017 whereas Mike Kehoe stated in July 2023 that “He was open to amending Missouri’s abortion ban” if elected governor.
Jay Ashcroft as secretary of state allowed $9 million in Zuckerbucks to flood into our elections in 2020 and has been repeatedly negligent in his duties to not allow multi-subject amendments to make their way onto the ballot [9].
Mike Kehoe sponsored many tax increases while he was a state senator, among them a 18 billion dollar sales tax increase which Bill Eigel voted against.
Bill Eigel supported and voted for legislation which restricts state funding to institutions of higher education if they “require students, applicants, instructors… to study or be instructed with diversity-equity-inclusion (DEI) ideologies”.
Bill Eigel filed legislation in 2018 to phase out Missouri’s income taxes and took action long before any other candidate for Governor.
Bill Eigel is the only candidate to call for the elimination of all funds from the federal Department of Education and dissolving the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE).

Jay Ashcroft as secretary of state allowed the unconstitutional, multi-subject gas tax increase backed by Mike Kehoe to be put on the ballot, where it failed by 7 percent.

Bill Eigel filed legislation to use hand counting of paper ballots and remove voting machines for our elections in Missouri and tighten election security measures. Jay Ashcroft as the chief elections officer in Missouri for the last 8 years has failed to secure our elections by stopping the usage of voting machines.


Bill Eigel endorsed Donald Trump in November 2023 while Jay Ashcroft And Mike Kehoe sat on the fence until Late January of 2024.


From Bill Eigel's Bio: "Bill Eigel began his adult life as an Aircraft Maintenance Officer in the United States Air Force, where he achieved the rank of Captain and served for almost eight years at assignments in Louisiana, Arizona and finally at Whiteman Air Force Base in Knob Noster, Missouri. Bill was the Aircraft Maintenance Officer In Charge for half of America’s entire fleet of B-2 stealth bombers."


From Bill Eigel's Bio: "The Eigels purchased St. Louis Skylights, a small residential and commercial remodeling company. Despite the challenges of the economic recession in 2008 and 2009, St. Louis Skylights was renamed to National Skylight Solutions in 2010 as it grew to service all areas of the United States. With permanent locations in Missouri and Illinois, and serving customers in all 50 states, National Skylight Solutions (and affiliates) remains one of the fastest growing skylight installation companies in the country."


Upon election as governor, Bill Eigel would invoke Article IV Section 6 of the Missouri Constitution allowing the Governor to "call out the militia to execute the laws, suppress actual and prevent threatened insurrection, and repel invasion".


Bill has repeatedly filed legislation 6 years in a row to remove the personal property tax in Missouri and has an actual plan to phase out these taxes.


Eigel's Legislation to ban all foreign ownership of any land in Missouri.


Ashcroft's Testimony on HB903 which would allow 135,000 acres of Missouri Farmland to be sold to foreign entities.


Legislation which Kehoe voted for to sell off 270,000 acres of Missouri Farmland.

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Stand with Bill Eigel in the fight for Missouri’s Future.