Bill Eigel is Fighting for Missouri

Personal Property Tax

  • Repeal Personal Property Tax in Missouri:  No one should be punished every December 1st for the “crime” of just owning a car.  Bill Eigel supports repealing personal property tax.  Bill Eigel filed legislation in the Missouri Senate for 4 straight years to phase out personal property tax in Missouri.  Missouri is just one of 21 remaining states that still levies a personal property tax on vehicles.  Of those 21 states, Missouri has the 3rd HIGHEST rate of personal property tax anywhere in the United States.  This terribly regressive tax specifically harms middle and working class households.  This year in 2022, assessments on personal property are expected to rise up to 30% over just a year ago thanks to national inflation levels (and thank you for that, Joe Biden!).  Under Bill Eigel’s plan, personal property tax will be phased out over several years, ensuring that local entity budgets currently tied to this funding can adjust and plan.  NO MORE TAXING MISSOURIANS JUST FOR OWNING A CAR.

Foreign Ownership of Missouri Farmland

  • Make it illegal for China or any other foreign country to buy ANY Missouri farmland: As State Senator, Bill Eigel has made his position clear: Missouri land belongs in Missouri hands! Senate Bill 332, co-sponsored by Sen. Eigel, would prohibit ALL foreign entities from buying any Missouri farmland.  The bill passed out of the Senate Select Committee on the Protection of Missouri Assets from Foreign Adversaries, and rolls back the provisions of a 2013 state law that allowed up to 270,000 acres of Missouri ground to be purchased by any foreign entity, including China and Russia. Under Senate Bill 332, the limit on foreign ownerships is reduced to ZERO acres. This is what it looks like when we actually stand up for our farmers.

Children and Gender Identity

  • Prohibit Transgender-related Medical Procedures for Children Under 18: We are seeing increasing evidence of the devastating effect of transgender-based medical procedures, therapies, treatments, prescriptions, and exposure to children under the age of 18.  The physical scars sustained by our children in the name of the transgender special industry is unacceptable and MUST BE STOPPED.  We will not tolerate the physical and mental destruction of kids.  Bill Eigel supports the prohibition of any treatment or service that tries to inflict transgender therapies or medical procedures on any individual under the age of 18.
  • Prohibit Biological Boys from playing in Girls Sports: In defense of our daughters right to compete fairly in sports leagues during primary, secondary, and higher education, Bill Eigel supports prohibiting biological boys from participating in any girls sporting event.

Safe and Secure Elections

  • Require Ballot Counting by Hand:  The 2020 election exposed numerous vulnerabilities in the election process, most notably with voting machines that are possibly vulnerable to unscrupulous special interests.  Bill Eigel supports requiring election authorities to hand count ballots on election day, and maintain ballots in storage for five years after an election.  NO MORE MACHINES controlling our elections.
  • Prohibit Missouri Dependency on Out-of-State Entities for Control of Elections: Missouri is currently 1 of 32 states paying for membership in the Election Registration Information Coalition, a third party out of state organization that collects private voter data on millions of Missouri voters.  This includes data such as partial social security numbers, drivers license numbers, birthdates, email and physical addresses, and other sensitive information.  Missouri has it’s own authorities, from the Missouri Secretary of State to county election officials, to ensure election integrity.  Missouri election transparency and integrity should be maintained within our borders and out of the hands of foreign special interests.  Bill Eigel opposes Missouri’s membership or participation in any out-of-state organization and does not support the release of private voter data to any non-Missouri agency or authority.

Red Flag Gun Laws

  • “Shall NOT Be Infringed” is straightforward.  The government shall not prevent lawful citizens from owning/obtaining firearms.  Bill Eigel voted for The Second Amendment Preservation Act.  He supports Castle Doctrine, constitutional carry, the intrinsic right to defend one’s life and property, and the idea that the 2nd Amendment was written to articulate our right to protect ourselves from tyrannical government, not just hunting and self-defense.  Bill Eigel has been previously endorsed by the National Rifle Association and the Missouri Firearms Coalition.


  • Defending Life.  Abortion (except in cases of medical emergency) is now illegal in Missouri.  Bill Eigel has always been Pro-Life, and will continue to defend the most vulnerable Missourians—those that have yet to be born.  Bill Eigel voted for the Heartbeat Bill which made Missouri the first state in the United States to ban abortions. 
  • Stop Public Dollars from being sent to abortion providers.  Missouri public monies should not be used to support any organization that provides abortion to women, inside Missouri or outside our borders.  Bill Eigel sponsored a constitutional amendment to prohibit this from happening, and voted multiple times to directly prohibit funding from going to any organization that supports or provides for the destruction of children.  Bill Eigel has been endorsed by Missouri’s oldest and largest life organization, Missouri Right to Life, in both of his candidacies for Missouri State Senate for his Pro-Life advocacy.

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