New Scorecard Released on Eigel and Establishment Opponents

Bill Eigel: Leading the Charge for Conservative Leadership in Missouri

As a staunch supporter of conservative values and a veteran committed to public service, Bill Eigel is setting a new standard for leadership in Missouri. With a bold vision for the future, Eigel proudly endorses President Donald J. Trump for the 2024 Presidential Election, standing as the first Missouri gubernatorial candidate to do so.

Bill Eigel is separate and apart from his establishment RINO opponents as a Veteran and Small Business Owner. Bill understands the challenges faced by veterans and small business owners.

Bill will champion the following as Governor:

Strong Immigration Policies: Determined to detain and deport every illegal alien in Missouri.

Tax Reform: Pledging to eliminate personal property tax and oppose sales tax increases.

Land Protection: Advocating for zero acres of Missouri land to be sold to foreign countries.

Pro-Life Advocacy: Committed to protecting Missouri’s pro-life laws.

Anti-Corruption Measures: Rejecting millions in corrupt funds to run Missouri elections.

Educational Independence: Vowing to stop all mandates from the Federal Department of Education.

Voting Integrity: Aiming to eliminate corrupt voting machines to ensure fair elections.

Join the Movement for a Better Missouri

Bill Eigel calls on all supporters of freedom, prosperity, and conservative governance to join him in this pivotal movement. By endorsing President Trump for the 2024 Presidential Election, you are helping to ensure that Missouri plays a vital role in our nation’s future, setting a standard for effective and principled governance.

See the scorecard and explainer here


Stand with Bill Eigel in the fight for Missouri’s Future.