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Bill Eigel on Transgender Procedures and Missouri Children

Senator Eigel’s remarks to the Missouri State Senate upon the passing of Bill 49 on March 23, 2023:

“We are following in the footsteps of other states who have also come to the realization of the harm that this is doing to those under the age of 18. The permanent harm. Terms like “permanent medicalization” are now part of our lexicon, are now part of our society, and are being spoken by children that have been harmed to a degree that most of the adults in this room cannot appreciate. There are few things more important than protecting those who cannot protect themselves. Today is a great day in the Missouri Senate because we lived up to our calling to be the defenders of the defenseless. I am proud to take this vote. I am proud of my colleagues who have supported and were willing to break a very misguided filibuster that will be remembered as nothing more than the wrong side of history.”

-Sen. Bill Eigel on Senate Bill 49


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