Missouri Senate Republican Caucus Meets in Branson

This week, Amanda and I visited Branson, Missouri to attend the annual “winter meetings” with the other current and incoming members of the Missouri Senate Republican Caucus.

The purpose of these meetings, which occur each fall, is to determine legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session. All 24 current and soon-to-be Senators attended this gathering.

We discussed a wide range of issues from cutting taxes and the state budget to defending children in our schools. Of particular emphasis and concern was prohibiting boys from playing girls sports, looking at possible reform of the process to amend our constitution, and continuing to defend the rights of parents in public schools.

I had an opportunity to share some of my own priorities for the upcoming session. I spoke to my colleagues about the need to pursue additional tax cuts, possible reforms we can enact to continue ensuring the integrity of our elections, and even some ways we can push back against the Biden administration’s agenda to curtail our 2nd Amendment rights.

For those that follow the Missouri Senate closely, it is well known that the Caucus experienced significant turbulence last session as we navigated multiple difficult issues.

With the election of a new leadership team, the environment appeared to be positively changed as we got together for the first time since Election Day. I’m optimistic this upcoming session will be a productive one for the People of Missouri.

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