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Senator Bill Eigel Receives Broad Endorsement of St. Charles County Republican Elected Officials

St. Charles, MO — State Senator Bill Eigel’s campaign, today, announced that he has received the endorsement of dozens of elected Republican officials from across St. Charles County. These individuals have individually endorsed Eigel’s 2020 re-election bid.

“I’m honored to have earned the support of elected officials across St. Charles County,” Eigel said. “For the past 4 years, these folks have gotten to know me well. They understand my commitment to conservative Republican leadership and I’m humbled to have their endorsement for my re-election. The depth of support from all corners of the St. Charles County Republican Party demonstrates the popularity of conservative principles applied in Jefferson City. I will continue to work hard to earn their trust and confidence.”

Endorsers include:

Senator Bob Onder – District 2

Representative Ron Hicks – District 102

Representative John Wiemann – District 103

Representative Adam Schnelting – District 104

Representative Phil Christofanelli – District 105

Representative Tom Hannegan – District 65

Representative Tony Lovasco – District 64

Representative Justin Hill – District 108

Representative Nick Schroer – District 107

Representative Bryan Spencer – District 63

Former State Representative Kathie Conway

Mayor Dan Borgmeyer – St Charles

Fred Henke – State Committeeman

David Zucker – Chairman

Penny Henke – Vice Chair

Eva Lovasco – Secretary

Jeff Ohmes – Committeeman

Bridget Ohmes – Committeewoman

Chad Briesacher– Committeeman

Brenda Webb- Committeewoman

Stephen Johnson– Committeeman

Debbie McFarland- Committeewoman

Dana Guest- Committeewoman

Mike Hoehn– Committeeman

Kathie Conway- Committeewoman

Dave Evans– Committeeman

Cindy Evans- Committeewoman

Sergio Espinoza– Committeeman

Sherry Espinoza- Committeewoman

Jim Pepper– Committeeman

Cindy Christofanelli– Committeeman

Joan Gettemeyer- Committeewoman

Art Botorff– Committeeman

Peg Botorff- Committeewoman

Bernie McCann– Committeeman

Sandy Garber- Committeewoman

Marcia Behr- Committeewoman

Will Klein– Committeeman


Eigel is in his first term in the Missouri State Senate. A member of the Senate Conservative Caucus, Eigel has been an outspoken voice for conservative causes in his first term, supporting tax and regulatory reform, educational opportunity for children and promoting a culture of life in Missouri.

“As a veteran and small business owner, I had never run for political office in 2016. I felt our Republican majorities in Jefferson City had the opportunity to transform our state with conservative reforms that would make our state more free and more prosperous,” Eigel continued. “While there is much to still be done, I’m proud of the work we have done.”


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