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Sign Bill Eigel’s Petition To Eliminate Personal Property Tax in Missouri

Missouri needs to eliminate Personal Property Tax!

We should not be punished every December 1st just for the crime of owning a car!  Missouri is one of just 21 states that charges personal property tax on vehicles.  Most states have realized how destructive this tax is for middle and working class households—the Show Me State needs to get on board!

Making matters worse, Missouri rate of tax for personal property is the 3RD HIGHEST IN THE UNITED STATES.  So we not only have a bad tax, that bad tax is one of the highest anywhere in America.

Bill Eigel has sponsored legislation in the Missouri Senate for years to eliminate this tax, but Jefferson City special interests, corrupt local politicians, and R.I.N.O.s keep blocking it from becoming law. 

The elimination of Missouri’s Personal Property tax is now a major plank in Bill Eigel’s bid for Governor of Missouri in 2024.  Help Bill Eigel cut your taxes by supporting his efforts and signing up to be a part of his team as the 2024 election moves closer and closer.

Let’s Go Missouri!!!

Petition: Eliminate Personal Property Tax In Missouri


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