The Battle for Missouri

Missouri is under siege. 

Leftists who want to overrun our communities and schools with big government, pandemic driven tyranny and assaults on traditional Missouri families are 

But Missouri is not alone.

An ever expanding army of parents, farmers, business owners and conservative warriors from every corner of the Show-Me State who are ready to protects the rights of the People will defend Missouri.

As the country moves towards 2024, Missouri has a decision it must make.  Who will we ask to lead the charge in defense of our rights?  Will we choose the status quo? Or will we join the Floridas and South Dakotas of These United States and elect a leader who won’t shy away from doing what is right?

Bill Eigel is a veteran, small business owner that has spent six years in the Missouri Senate doing exactly what he said he would; voting for your freedoms even when it was unpopular with Jefferson City special interests.

But to be successful in 2024, he needs your help!  Will you commit to a donation of just $25 recurring per month to help turn the tide against the ideas that will wreck our state? 

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Stand with Bill Eigel in the fight for Missouri’s Future.