Help Bill Eigel Protect Kids–Sign Petition for Senate Bill 281

Every Missourian has a responsibility to protect our children.

Bill Eigel has been protecting kids since 2003 with the birth of his first son, Kevin.  

Now, 19 years later, he will be the protector of all Missouri’s youth.

He filed Senate Bill 281, which will prohibit the barbaric practice of mutilating, scarring, and castrating children in Missouri through transgender “medical” surgeries and procedures around the Show-Me State. 

These clinics have become the primary route for woke leftists in our country to physically attack our children, in many cases leaving them permanently disabled.  

Democrats have made clear they support the activities at these clinics and will not move to stop them.

A recent whistleblower from Washington University detailed the abusive practices being coordinated at that University’s transgender clinic, where parents are lied to about treatment side effects and the likely long term outcomes of undergoing these “treatments”.  An investigation by Missouri’s Attorney General is pending for possible criminal activity of the clinic.  

But the Washington University clinic is just one of the “shops of horror” now located in Missouri.   

This.  Must.  Stop.

Senate Bill 281, filed by Senator Bill Eigel, would ban ALL surgeries and therapies on anyone under the age of 18 in Missouri.

Sign up to be a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the legislation and do a small part to protect our next generation!

Let’s Go Missouri!!

Sign the Petition:  I Support Senate Bill 281 to Ban Transgender Surgeries and Therapies in Missouri.


Stand with Bill Eigel in the fight for Missouri’s Future.